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Portraits of Care

This transnational enquiry uses the media of illustration, photography and textiles to explore narratives of ageing in the United Kingdom and Australia. Two parallel lines of enquiry have been developed.

Project team: Claire Craig, Helen Fisher, Fanke Peng

Funded by: Research England / Canberra University

One strand explores the use of self-portraiture as a mechanism through which older people can explore and express a view of ageing from the inside.

The second strand presents a view of ageing from ‘the outside’, exploring what can be learned of the experience of ageing when drawing is used as phenomenology.  

This study offers an opportunity to interrogate drawing as a method in understanding the 100 year life. 

Drawing of pair of hands, close up, by artist Lucy Lyons
Lucy Lyons. Hands 2 Gigt Centre. Media: pencil on paper and 29.7 x 42 cm

‘The act of drawing makes you look more carefully; the more closely you look, the more you see, and the more you see, the more you can draw and the more you come to understand’  

Lucy Lyons