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Design For Health Vol 5 issue 1 Apr 2021, edited by Paul Chamberlain

21 Jul 2021

In the first issue of the year, Design For Health purposely presents a collection of papers that exemplify the diversity of approaches and applications in design and health.

Issue: Volume 5, issue 1 April 2021
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Online
Editors: Paul Chamberlain, Claire Craig, Paul Atkinson, Kirsty Christer
Print / Online ISSN: 2473-5132 / 2473-5140
Published: Three times per year; est. 2017

This issue presents papers adopting more traditional quantitative studies alongside positioning papers that don’t necessary present answers but raise and encourage debate on important emerging issues and potential new spaces for research within this broad field of enquiry.

The global relevance and interest is evident; papers come from Canada, Spain, New Zealand, the Netherlands and the UK.

The issue includes two papers co-authored by researchers from Lab4Living. Firstly, Claire Craig et al. reflect on approaches to ethics for researchers working in health contexts in  ‘Development of an Ethical Road Map’. Secondly, Chris Redford is a co-author on Powell et al.’s paper evaluating a co-designed prototype psychoeducational activity book for seven- to eleven-year-olds with ADHD. The issue also includes a paper on Digital sovereignty by Pierri and Herlo. This is the first of several papers resulting from the 5th Design4Health conference which would have taken place in Amsterdam in 2020.

In his editorial ‘Transformation of health …. and design?’Paul Chamberlain notes that this issue presents research undertaken both preceding and during the COVID pandemic. It is important to reflect on whether approaches and methods are still relevant, have changed due to the pandemic, and where we might be experiencing a transitional moment where design research in health will change significantly.