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Design For Health Vol 6 issue 2 Apr 2022, edited by Claire Craig

24 Oct 2022

In this year’s second issue, the Design For Health journal celebrates the holistic approach taken by the design for health community.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Online
Editors: Paul Chamberlain, Claire Craig, Paul Atkinson, Kirsty Christer
Print / Online ISSN: 2473-5132 / 2473-5140
Published: Three times per year; est. 2017

In her editorial for the latest issue of the journal, Claire argues that a strength of the design for health community is its holistic approach which utilizes design and creative practice as methods to find ways to hear the voices of people using products or services. Fundamentally it recognizes the importance of the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual, and the contribution that design and design-led research can make to each of these aspects of self. This issue of the journal bears testament to this through a collection of papers highlighting the breadth of design research and practice.

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In this issue, papers come from Australia, the USA, New Zealand, and the UK: