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Marika Grasso awarded IWM Digital Humanism fellowship in Vienna

23 Jan 2023

Lab4Living PhD candidate Marika Grasso has been awarded the IWM Digital Humanism fellowship by The Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. Her fellowship Digital Humanism and Care: What is Digital Humanism Made of? runs in Vienna from April to June 2023.

The fellowship program on “Digital Humanism” aims to describe, analyse, and influence the complex interplay of technology and humankind, envisaging a better society and life in the digitized era. The Digital Humanism Fellowship program is run by the Institute in cooperation with Hannes Werthner, one of the leading experts in the field and initiator of the Vienna Manifesto on Digital Humanism.

Senior and Junior Visiting Fellows are invited to the Institute to explore the urgent intellectual challenges at the complex interplay of humans and machines. Additionally, they organize lectures and discussions reaching out to the public audience in Vienna and beyond.

Through the scheme, two Junior Visiting Fellows come to the Institute each semester, carry out their own research projects, and enjoy the possibility for an intensified collaboration and discussion with the Senior Visiting Fellow.

Marika’s research project aims to uncover and communicate our relationship with technology, in a digital and physical manner. The Digital Humanism of Care can entangle digital content with the material usage and history of devices. Marika evaluates the human and matter as coexisting and necessary elements of Digital Humanism.

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About the artist

Marika Grasso is one the PhD studentship cohort who joined Lab4Living in October 2019, following the Research England award which focusses on the Future Home and 100 year life. Her practice focuses on a material practice-based approach and Touch as an interactive tool to explore materiality and the self. Her research uses art practice to explore the relationship between the human condition, touch and conductive materials. Marika’s interdisciplinary approach is inspired by neuroscience, textile craft and technology.

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