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New MA in Design for Health at Sheffield Hallam University

2 Mar 2022

Two brand new courses launch this Autumn at Sheffield Hallam University, aimed at students interested in pursuing creative research at the intersection of design and health.

Expand your horizons at the home of Lab4Living and innovate for social good by applying your creative skills and imagination to foster a healthy society. These new courses provide a unique combination of research and commercial expertise in the area of Health and wellbeing, and Art & Design teaching and knowhow.

Prospective students can choose either a 15 month MA in Design for Health or a 4-month PgCert Lab for Living.

Students will have access to high quality art and design teaching, plus expertise and knowledge from research staff and within one of the longest established living labs in Europe. Lab4Living also has close links through its staff and projects with the award-winning commercial design consultancy Design Futures, which has a strong track record in industrial partnership.

The new courses

The MA route offers a full time 15 month course. This course will enable students to:

  • Develop skills, knowledge and capability to pursue opportunities and conduct independent creative research arising from the intersection of design and health.
  • Expand your professional aspirations and innovate by synergising your creative practice with critical and conceptual thinking around design and health.
  • Develop or expand your professional relationships and networks.
  • Receive teaching from world class design for health researchers and practitioners  

For those interested in a shorter course, Sheffield Hallam University also offers a 4 month PgCert Lab for Living which will enable you to:

  • Develop an understanding of the diverse range of concepts, approaches, issues and debates related to design for health research, practice and its related fields.
  • Explore and articulate your professional aspirations within contemporary models of design for health practice, linked to your disciplinary field.
  • Develop the ability to use appropriate knowledge and methods at a professional level to engage in design for health projects. 

Who are the courses for?

The courses are aimed at potential students with “a strong interest in inquiry at the intersections of design & creativity and health & wellbeing.” The MA is principally aimed at designers from a variety of specialties. The PgCert is open to a wider range of professionals and health stakeholders, such as those from pharmaceutical or biomedical industries, the NHS or any stakeholder from the health sector interested in collaborating with designers. The PgCert will also appeal to designers interested in the subject but who prefer to commit to a shorter course.

Further information

The courses are open to students from Autumn 2022. For full details, follow the links below or contact the course leader, Dr Carlos Peralta at