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Paul Chamberlain attends Future Healthcare Design Symposium in Prato

18 Sep 2023

Last week, Prof Paul Chamberlain took part in a three day symposium on design for health in Prato, Italy. Paul was invited to participate by Prof Daphne Flynn from Monash University, Australia, who organised the event at its Italian campus.

Photo shows the exterior of a period building on a cobbled street.
Monash University campus in Prato, Italy

The event was designed to bring together a small group of European and Australian researchers and practitioners to share experiences, research and insights of working at the intersection of design and health. Paul was invited by Prof Daphne Flynn at Monash to take part in the event, which was designed to use a conversational approach to enable a small group to share ideas and challenges, build partnerships and ideate on ways to design for future health.

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The symposium, structured around micro, meso and macro lenses, sought to understand individual and collective experiences. It aimed to identify points of intersection adn potential collaboration. The symposium took place at Monash’s campus in Prato in Italy.

Photo shows a woman presenting to a small group of researchers in a classroom.
Discussiona at the Future Healthcare Design symposium