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Prof Paul Chamberlain continues Future Home research in California

18 May 2023

Paul Chamberlain has paid a follow up visit to the Neutra Institute in Los Angeles last month. This work continues his collaboration with the Neutra Foundation as part of Lab4Living research into the Future Home, funded through Research England’s E3 programme. Paul was invited as the first visiting resident scholar at the iconic Neutra 1951 Reunion House in Silver Lake, California last year. He will be involved in the future residency programme through mentorship of future resident Neutra scholars from Cal Poly Poloma (California State Polytechnic University).

Paul Chamberlain standing outside the Neutra Institute Museum of Silver Lake
Paul Chamberlain at the Neutra Institute Museum of Sliver Lake, California, in April 2023

Paul’s visit included a visit with Raymond Nueutra to an older persons’ housing complex in Monterey, and participation in an event at the Neutra office/museum at Silver Lake, Los Angeles. The event led by Raymond involved a gathering of Neutra home owners and a presentation from the German Neutra Gesellschaft group (German Neutra home owners). Gesellschaft translates as ‘an association of individuals for common goals’.

Raymond Neutra and Paul Chamberlain, Silver Lake, Los Angeles
German Neutra Gesellschaft group

During the recent visit, Paul met with Rochelle Neutra, an active community leader who serves on several non-profit boards and advisory committees, including the Neutra Institute. Rochelle is currently advising on project for the homeless in San Francisco which Paul visited.

Rochelle Neutra with Paul Chamberlain

Raymond Neutra is the son of pioneering modernist architect Richard Neutra, who promoted and developed a sensitive approach and application of design that benefits humanity and the planet. Raymond, former Chief of the Division of Environmental and Occupational Disease Control of the California Department of Public Health, is head of the Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design, and gave a talk at the Design4Health symposium in June 2022.

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