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Re-Fashion Fare

7 Dec 2022

PhD student Marika Grasso will be exhibiting work at the Re-Fashion Fare in Doncaster on Saturday. Re-Fashion is a part of the Fashion-Able initiative and is an opportunity for local makers to share work which reuses, repurposes, remimagines and reworks.

Fashion-Able presents the Re-Fashion Fare, a gathering of makers, menders, artists and services with the overarching theme of RE use running through the work. Many of the stall holders are utilizing traditional methods of making and developing, recycling and re-using. Together with art installations, performance as a live fashion show and vegan food, the fare is the culmination of the beginning of the Fashion-Able initiative, which has seen a program of workshops lead by various practitioners and artists whose work spans across adapting, re-working, mending and upcycling clothing all free to attend and held in the City centre. We invite you to attend this inclusive, accessible and thought provoking event on the 10th Dec and to promote the initiative with in your own circles.

Stall holders working with themes and materials of ‘re-use’ will be there to show and sell their work from the ingenuity of the clothing mender ‘Trash Nerd’ to the art installations of old and disused iPhone by Marika Grasso. Mid way through the Re Fashion Fare a ‘pop up’ cat walk fashion show will appear through the centre of the venue lead by live techno jams by ‘Jachkno’. Clothes and costume collections are made up of re worked used clothes and fabrics.

The event is nn opportunity for people to discover and learn about traditional methods with contemporary ideas of adapting their existing clothing. The provocation is to think about practical and accessible ways of readjusting our spending habits and attitudes towards not just fast fashion, but fast ‘everything’ this also in relation to the climate crisis. Attendees are invited to bring some clothing to the organised clothes swap with in the event.

Reduce consuming and increase re-using – The first Re-Fashion fare awaits!

December 10th  11-4, Unitarian Church Doncaster. 60 Hall Gate, Doncaster DN1 3PB

This project is funded by the Space 2 Create grant through Doncaster Council and hosted by Right Up Our Street space and the Doncaster Unitarian Church.

Further info: Insta: @Fashion2able Facebook: Fashion Able