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Design For Health Vol 6 issue 3 Dec 2022, edited by Paul Chamberlain

18 Dec 2022

In this year’s final issue of Design For Health, papers explore new ways of doing things and, in particular, respond creatively to the significant challenges to our health and health services.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Online
Editors: Paul Chamberlain, Claire Craig, Paul Atkinson, Kirsty Christer
Print / Online ISSN: 2473-5132 / 2473-5140
Published: Three times per year; est. 2017

In this final issue of the year, Editor Paul Chamberlain reflects in his editorial on the long term impacts of the pandemic coupled and the cost of living crisis on health and wellbeing. The economic downturn can increase health inequalities but other studies suggest potential improvements as well. He argues that design researchers are well placed and well equipped to respond creatively to these unexpected challenges; there is an increased need for frugal innovation, and products and services that are simple and affordable yet still offer value to users and consumers. The articles in this issue articles demonstrate new thinking in how we might do things differently set against these challenges.

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In this issue, papers come from Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and New Zealand:

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