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Becoming Futakuchi-Onna

“Becoming Futakuchi-Onna” is an on-going artistic research project undertaken by Noemie Soula during a residency in Japan over summer 2023 at ARCUS

Funded by: Research England

Team: Noémie Soula 

It creatively investigates how this Japanese folktale could inspire young women to access STEAM fields. Futakuchi-Onna is a woman afflicted by a curse caused by her husband’s greed. Her characteristics are having two mouths, one on the face, and one on the back of her neck beneath the hairline. 

Lab4Living’s, Noémie Soula collaborated with BioClub Tokyo where she presented her work and delivered a workshop to gather more insight. BioClub is a community where various researchers, creators, companies, and citizens gather with the keyword “biology” – biology and life science. 

The principal outcome of this research residency was an increased understanding the inter-relationship between art and science in Japan. New insights also emerged in relation to why women are not interested or supported in engaging with STEM including a lack of role models and representations of women in these fields in Japan.