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Combining the benefits of physical play through developing a low-cost system that facilitates environmental education.

Project lead: Heath Reed, Andy Stanton

Project funding: Global Challenge Research Fund, E3

Partners: ATIVA Design Consultancy, Delhi, Vahani Scholarship Trust

Playponics provides kinaesthetic learning opportunities across STEM subjects, with environmental education and sustainable practices at their core. Through this, the project aims to instil better understandings in current and future populations of our relationship with the natural world. 

The teams has developed play and exercise equipment enhanced with systems that harnesses users physical activity energy, and use that power to sustain a variety of hydroponic and conventionally grown crops. The playground gardens are being researched and designed for schools and communities in India to impart and instil in participants, older and younger,  privileged and underprivileged, knowledge and understanding about STEM and STEAM infused  environmental education and sustainability practices in fun and interactive ways.

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