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Re-imagining ageing

This E3 funded inquiry explores the role of design and creative practice in disrupting the existing medical, social and cultural discourses of ageing. This research builds on an earlier study engagingaging (Chamberlain and Craig, 2013) which built understanding of what it meant to be an older person in the UK and in Taiwan. 

Funded by: Research England

Project team: Claire Craig, Helen Fisher, Alison Mayne, Fanke Peng

Between 2019-2023 the research re:imagining ageing, utilising film, photography and creative writing offered methods to engage with individuals nationally and internationally to give voice to different perspectives of what growing older means. Collaborations between Dr. Claire Craig and occupational therapist Dr. Joan Healey, poet Debjani Chatterjee and film-maker Laura Page have culminated in a body of work that challenges societal perceptions of ageing as external decline and revels in the complex connected experiences within and between us as we move through time.

The next phase of the research will see the research findings translated into a play, 100-Not out, written in collaboration with Brian Daniels.

Ageing populations will create new demands for technologies, products and services, including new care technologies, new housing models and innovative savings products for retirement. We have an obligation to help our independent, older citizens lead fulfilled lives, continuing to contribute to society. 

Industrial Strategy
Reimagining Ageing - with Laura Page
Reimagining Ageing – with Laura Page