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PhD student Kuang-Yi Ku takes part in Designing Temporal Ecologies panel

7 Feb 2022

Today Kuang-Yi Ku, a PhD student in Lab4Living, takes part in a panel discussion at a symposium hosted by the University of Edinburgh’s Design Informatics Department. The 3rd International Temporal Design Symposium and Workshop will reflect on the role of design practice in revealing, intervening and potentially supporting manifestations of time in the natural world. 

Panel II: Designing through Temporal Ecologies

Kuang-Yi was invited to join the panel which will discuss how design practice can draw from or modify ecologies for particular purposes, leveraging different perceptions of time and rhythms. This includes combining the temporality of microorganisms with those of traditional hard materials (in materials that are “biodesigned”), design strategies to address temporal dissonances between humans and microorganisms, integrating temporalities of DNA towards resilience and long-term digital data storage, among others. Other panelists are Raphael Kim, and Carolina Ramirez Figueroa.

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Kuang-Yi’s PhD studentship: Queering Anatomy – Microbial Migration and Ambiguous Body Borders