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New proposed pathways for UTI testing in primary care settings

Project update: 9 Jun 2021

The design team has developed new pathways for patients to ensure more efficient testing for UTIs in primary care settings. The proposed pathways are more in line with user needs, and are based on participant insights and feedback from project participants (people who have had experience of UTI and healthcare professionals). We’ve developed a video to communicate the different pathways to project participants.


The pathways were split into two potential locations, GP and pharmacy, with the criteria being as follows:

  1. GP non complex (females aged 16-65 with no underlying conditions)
  2. GP complex (repeat infections, underlying conditions, men and children)
  3. Pharmacy (females 16-65, no underlying conditions or repeat infections)


We’ve developed an animation video, in collaboration with Nifty Fox, that depicts clearly the different pathways.

Next steps

Next steps are to share this animation with healthcare professionals and participants to get their feedback to further inform the project. We are also developing an animation video of the final concept for the UTI testing device.

For more information, visit the UTI testing device in primary care page.