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Postgraduate students

Postgraduate studentships in Lab4Living include those funded through the Research England E3 programme funding award for the 100 Year Life and the Future Home project. Details of some current PhD projects are below.

Ursula Ankeny

Co-designing technology: Supporting the invisible aspects of paediatric long-term condition (LTC) management

This PhD will investigate the multi-dimensional care of children with long term conditions, using co-design to develop objects and technologies to better support the invisible aspects.


Marika Grasso:

Touchscreen matter: exploring tactile relationships through Material Art Practice

The research regards the tactile human relationship with touchscreens. This practice focuses on an explorative material based approach. Touch is the interactive tool to explore technological materiality and the self.


Kuang-Yi Ku:

Queering Anatomy: Microbial Migration and Ambiguous Body Borders

This research challenges medical patriarchy and heteronormativity of current anatomical education, by expanding the training to include speculative queer anatomies.


What’s on my table? – objects in transition. Credit: Jackie Leaver

Jackie Leaver:

From the inside out: Considering the future home through feminist spatial practice

Exploring overlooked everyday domestic practices and materiality, this research builds on the concept of feminist spatial practice to consider the complex issues and possibilities of the future home.

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Marney Walker:

Exploring how design can support expression of everyday aesthetic preferences in dementia

This study explores whether design can provide visual ways to provoke and express personal preferences, to enable choice and control in the curation of personal space as dementia progresses.

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